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Rebeca Sanver was born in 1987 in Elda the birthplace of the Spanish shoe FOR woman. Since its birth Rebeca Sanver looks for reaching an exigent female audience.

Rebeca Sanver is the collection of shoes designed exclusively for women who are looking for a feminine footwear, unique and sophisticated. We work only with high quality materials. We take care of each detail about its design.

These designs make the difference for their sophistication and quality, not only to those who see them but also to the woman who wears them. The elegancy of these shoes and the comfort of the foot is our main goal always following the fashion trends of every moment. Our philosophy is to create the appropriate designs for every moment of today’s woman:

Casual shoes, for those moments of the day that is required comfort but with the same look, that is, always with the special touch of our shoes. Free time shoes, leisure shoes like Spadrilles and sneakers. Sophisticated shoes, for those events where a woman wants to make her presence felt.

With Rebeca Sanver you will feel SPECIAL. Nobody better than you to enjoy yourself with our singular shoes, where feelings, experiences and sensations make you are what you are. Always beautiful, always Rebecca.

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